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Just Ride! International Female Ride Day

April 29, 2010

Just Ride!

Friday, May 7, is this year’s coordinated day of motorcycling for women in multiple countries around the world. Now, I don’t need a specific day to go for a ride, but I do think it’s particularly cool to be riding on a day when thousands of other women are out riding their motorcycles also. I may ride alone, physically, but I ride in spirit with countless kindred spirits.

I first heard about International Female Ride Day in early 2008. As a fairly new rider, I was enthusiastic about an event specifically for women riders. I would have happily participated in the first ride in 2007, but I was fresh off my MSF course and still practicing in a parking lot. Besides which, I wasn’t yet dialed into all the fabulous resources for female riders, like, whose mission is “connecting women with motorcycling”.

Official Female Ride Day t-shirt

This year, I will again be wearing my official Female Ride Day t-shirt, which I have been breaking in, not hard to do with its incredibly soft texture. I never would have guessed that wearing bamboo could be comfortable! The shirt is made of bamboo and organic cotton, and I highly recommend it, both for its stylish look and for comfort!

Read more about International Female Ride Day here. has a variety of great articles on motorcycling. Also, I just discovered this evening an article on the site that features a photo taken of friends Cindi, Jeannine, and I at the 2008 Cycle World International Motorcycle Show (photo courtesy of Tony Reed). I must admit to being pretty darn excited about this… if I could take my grin to the bank, I’d be rich!

Great thanks—and kudos—to and Female Ride Day founder Vicki Gray for her enthusiasm and passion in getting out the word to women everywhere about how great the sport of motorcycling is, whether for a casual day trip, a commute, or an all-out adventure ride or track day.

Ladies, get on your bikes and JUST RIDE! I’ll see you on the road…

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  1. April 29, 2010 3:13 pm


    You’re right ! You have a million dollar smile, Now go to the bank and cash it in

    Wet Coast Scootin

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