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About Time . . .

July 4, 2014

. . .for a new post, that is. I can hardly believe I have not written anything on this blog for six months, and the last post was the annual recap put together by WordPress. Considering that I now have a bike, this is somewhat astonishing, although these fingers have not been idle in the interim. But more on that later.

A recent meeting with RJ, who rides — drum roll, please — a 1995 ZX6e, exactly like my former bike, encouraged me to get back blogging. I believe he enjoys reading tales from fellow motorcyclists.

Without further ado, here is a photo of my new-to-me motorcycle (and it’s another green bike… teehee…. albeit slightly darker and shinier—and more nekkid, than was Big Green), a 1993 Yamaha Seca II:

Lil Red's Yamaha Seca II

Did you know that in the UK, this bike is nicknamed the Diversion? I quite love that — to be diverted from the sameness of everyday life to life on two wheels! (Although, of course, there are those for whom the diversion happens everyday.)

Needless to say, my life has more contentment and joy simply knowing I can hop on two wheels again. The year without a motorcycle was a dark time for my soul, and I confess to not being a happy gal. it was a tough time, and I am grateful to have found my peaceful heart again through riding and also now back to a yoga practice. Riding is such a passion for me, and not having that option for a full year made my life feel withered and shrunk – I was not my best self during that time.


It took several rides to find my groove for the road again. If I’m honest, the Seca is a much easier bike in the corners. Tony says this is due to a more balanced center of gravity on this bike (he will correct me if I’m wrong on this point). Physics notwithstanding, I am appreciating the effortless handling. I don’t have to push on the handlebars to go around a corner; this really is a “lean and go” machine. That’s a wonderful feeling.

At 60hp, I have lost 48 hp from the Ninja, but I’m not missing it. On the ZX6, I sometimes felt nervous that I might accidentally use too much throttle and hurtle right off the road in a corner. No worries on that with the lower horsepower, and it does have astonishing grab and pull from around 7,000 rpm on up to redline at 10,500, which I have achieved. Never did that on the 6e; it was a scary proposition for me.

The Seca’s riding position is like that of a sport tourer; I can take my hands off the bars and my body position does not shift at all. This does offer a problem for my lower back. The sportier position on Big Green actually was more comfortable for my back, and I find myself crouching forward on longer rides on the Seca, to relieve the bit of lower back pressure.

The smallish negatives of this bike are that the seat is slightly uncomfortable, so I will be modifying this the next couple of weeks for an upcoming road trip with the fam. The mod may also help with the lower back pressure. And the Seca runs a little rougher than I’m accustomed to, with accompanying rattling loudness. Earplugs and a Quiet Rider are managing that issue.

While this may not be my be-all, end-all, keep-it-forever motorcycle, I am TREMENDOUSLY happy and incredibly grateful to be riding again. The weather is cooperating, I have two wheels, and I am stoked!

Here is one of the few pictures of me on the bike thus far, courtesy of Tony. Many more images will follow, as we hit the road in a short few weeks. This was taken in a restaurant parking lot on the way home from picking up the bike.

Liz riding her new Yamaha Seca IIDISCLAIMER: Do not follow my example and ride without gloves or adequate footwear, as you see the woman doing in this photo. Ensure that your motorcycle is adequately registered and insured. (We were, at least, insured.)


It’s good to be back among my fellow riders and the community of friends I have made on this journey of being a motorcyclist.

Watch for more posts as I am able to set aside personal time, given the workload I have in my business, RevUp Creative Media. I am now doing marketing for both Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens and our local Mendocino Coast District Hospital, both of which encourage me to stretch the linguistic synapses in my brain in addition to my photographic eye (from interior and exterior portraits to floral and outdoor photography) and digital camera knowledge.

Cheers to all. I will see you on the road.

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  1. July 4, 2014 5:26 pm


    welcome back we missed you. So glad you bought another bike. Hope this one doesn’t have any gremlins like your previous one

    and just in time for the start of the season, not like you can’t ride all year where you are

    take it easy, your groove will come back

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. July 5, 2014 1:19 am

    Nice to see another post! Looking forward to more posts from the road.

  3. July 5, 2014 2:13 pm

    Welcome back to blogging and congrats on the new to you ride. I haven’t seen a Seca II in a long time but I’ve always thought they were kinds cool.

  4. July 6, 2014 4:20 am

    Nice to see you back on 2. Nice looking bike!

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