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Black Lives Matter, and I Will No Longer Stay Quiet

June 2, 2020
As a blogger, I have been silent for almost two years, since I don’t currently have a motorcycle and felt weird posting about random shit, even though my intention for the blog initially was to post about motorcycling and random shit.

Lately, I have been excited about some projects and ready to refresh the blog and start posting again.

In this moment, however, it is difficult to share “happy” stuff, when so much is wrong on a national level. I am tired of being a passive witness to inequalities and oppression. I am sad and angry, in particular about the recent murders of innocent human beings by police, and by institutional racism and the many injustices that are heaped on people of color in this country.

There is egregious, systemic oppression of minorities and specifically Black people in America, ongoing for more than 400 years. It is far past time to make this stop.

It is no longer enough to continue thinking of ourselves as “not racist”. If we are not actively assisting communities of color by supporting equity, inclusion, and equality, then we are passive, and therefore, we support the culture of racism that we have grown up with.

Believe me, this is a very uncomfortable feeling. I have always believed myself to be “not a racist” and yet, what I have done to make things better for others outside my immediate communities? While I promote kindness and compassion to strangers, it is the work of disabling the mantle of oppression where the rubber truly meets the road.

If you are interested in being an anti-racist, join your local NAACP chapter and get active.

Sign the #JusticeforFloyd petition. Every name added builds momentum around the campaign and makes it more likely to get the change we want to see. After you’ve signed the petition please also take a moment to share it with others. It’s easy – all you need to do is forward the link.

Listen to Van Jones speaking with Conan O’Brien about the George Floyd killing and what comes next:

Find something on this reading list for white allies:

The time is now, as much as it ever has been.

Stay safe, and get active…
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  1. Susan Reid permalink
    June 2, 2020 9:53 pm

    Good job Ezil.  You are the writer in the family!  xo

    • June 2, 2020 10:39 pm

      Actually, Crow is the writer in the family, more eloquent than I, by far. I am only speaking from my heart, and to what I believe needs to happen to correct course in the U.S. Thanks for your support, Mama. ❤

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