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Chicks on Bikes, by Christina ShookChicks on Bikes cover

I was given a copy of this gorgeous hardcover book for my birthday (way back in September!), by my friend Cindi Servante. Cindi had met author Christina Shook at a booksigning in San Francisco and had one of those “a-ha” moments that this would be the perfect gift for me, her riding buddy. As an avid and enthusiastic motorcyclist, I was thrilled to receive the book. Little did I know what lay inside the covers…

Christina is a professional photographer who also rides a motorcycle—she has three in her garage. She had casually been photographing women motorcyclists for ten years. With the AMA’s Women and Motorcycling Conference coming up in October (2009), a good friend pushed her to put the photos into book form. What has emerged is an incredible look into a wide spectrum of female motorcyclists.

Four Girls Mug for the Camera

From "Chicks on Bikes". Photo © Christina Shook

Alexandra Elinchoff

Alexandra Elinchoff. From "Chicks on Bikes". Photo © Christina Shook

When I sat down to simply “take a look” at my new book, I ended up reading the book cover to cover. Not only are Christina’s photographs of women motorcyclists artful, evocative and compelling to look at, her writing evokes the spirit of each woman. I got chills reading some of the women’s stories, and I laughed and cried at others. She has elegantly captured a diverse group of women motorcyclists in both words and pictures. Courageous, forthright, bold, strong in spirit, these women who ride, race, mechanic, live, and love their chosen passion are an inspiration to all women.

Liz and Christina

Meeting up with Christina at the International Motorcycle Show, Nov. 2009

I have since had the honor of meeting Christina at the recent Cycle World International Motorcycle Show, in San Mateo, California. I missed Christina’s talk due to a last-minute time change by show organizers, but we met up later in the Women’s Center. Christina was busy taking photographs and had to leave shortly thereafter for a commercial job, but it was great to connect with her for a few minutes. We have vowed to ride together when the weather improves!

Christina’s book is lovely to look at with its glossy paper stock and contemporary typography and layout, and the production work is exquisite. The ladies in the book resonate through Christina’s evocative words and keen photography. Gift this book to yourself or to a friend of either gender; you will not be disappointed!

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